Financing:  From bank loans and SBA loans to investors and crowdfunding, Venture Studios can help meet your business growth needs. In today’s economy banks/financial institutions have limited their loans to small businesses and especially startup companies. Crowdfunding offers entrepreneurs an innovative way to raise funding for their projects quickly. Venture Studios has numerous other funding sources to suit a client's specific need. 


Business Plan Snapshot™: This is basically a "brief/executive summary" business plan designed to help quickly solidify the funding you need for your business or specific project, whether it be a bank loan (e.g., SBA, etc.), a specific grant, angel investment or venture capital. These reports are normally only 4 - 6 pages in length and feature a unique brochure layout/style using smaller type/fonts - all designed to give investors a "bird's-eye view" of a business for quick assessment. Content includes sections such as Company Overview, Business Environment, Products/Services Description, Marketing Program/Target Market/Value Proposition, Operation Overview/Timelines, Financing/Use of Proceeds and Management/ Advisory Board. Report prices start at a fraction of the cost of a full business plan. 


Sponsorship, Licensing and Celebrity Branding: Venture Studios offers innovative forms of brand-building programs. Our team has assisted with sponsorship strategy for film & music festivals including Lollapalooza/William Morris Agency, Jam Cruise (music cruise ship event), and Duke City Shootout (technology film festival/foundation). We have provided event sponsorship for brands like Naked Juice, Hint Beverages, and Logitech. Venture Studios has provided consulting to licensees of entertainment brands like Sony's Smurfs, Paramount's Rango, DreamWorks' Madagascar, and Sanrio's Hello Kitty. Our team has consulted on online auctions (for charitable causes) involving major brands/celebrities such as Alicia Keys/William Morris Agency (for Keep A Child Alive Foundation), Jeremy Piven (Safety Harbor Kids Foundation), Corey Feldman (Hollywood Note Foundation/Farm Sanctuary) and John Mayer & Don Felder of Eagles (Guitar Center Music Foundation). Venture Studios also helps secure licensing deals and assists celebrities in developing branded merchandising programs related to their artistic interests.

Power Strategy Session™:  With this service, a client gets the opportunity to present their business project and/or issues and receive immediate feedback in a number of areas such as project viability, strategy, alliance opportunities, financing, etc. The brainstorming strategy sessions cost $180 and last approximately 2 hours with some preparation and follow-up by Venture Studios. Most clients that select a strategy session decide to use Venture Studios for other services. 

Monthly Consulting: Venture Studios, as business catalysts, assists entrepreneurs, startups, and innovative companies in numerous areas including: marketplace research, strategies, team building, concept launch, sales development/management, financing, strategic alliances, licensing, sponsorship and support communications activities (advertising, promotion and public relations). Venture Studios’ vision is to offer economical, professional, small business strategic consulting by building benchmark programs. The ultimate goal is to build an ongoing, strategic consulting relationship with a promising company. Affordable monthly retainers and/or hourly consulting plans are available

Market Investigative Report™: This is basically an intelligence document containing mostly secondary information (versus costly primary data) and is designed to help a client garner a better understanding of the trends/opportunities driving their industry. As customized, multi-purpose documents they contain useful content for marketing and business plans, and they contain sections such as Market Overview, Competitive Analysis, Target Market Analysis and Strategic Recommendations. Reports have been developed for leading firms such as Noah's/Einstein's Bagel chain, Grand & Toy/Boise Cascade stationary stores, Nikkodo USA, NASCAR, and the City of Long Beach.